Joyce Manor – ‘Never Hungover Again’

Joyce Manor - 'Never Hungover Again'


Cali punks pay homage to Green Day and The Replacements on third album

Joyce Manor might have a new record deal with LA punk totem Epitaph, but the Californians have kept things decidedly lo-fi on their third album. As soon as the lazy chords of opener ‘Christmas Card’ trundle out of the speakers, what’s in store becomes clear: vintage slacker punk. Punctuated by singer Barry Johnson’s throaty vocals, this is the kind of record that made Weezer and The Replacements so brilliant. ‘Falling In Love Again’ is a dozy love song, ‘Heart Tattoo’ is a rollicking mid-’90s Green Day anthem and ‘In The Army Now’ is a spiky lament. It’s not much more than the sum of its influences, but when its influences are this strong, it really doesn’t matter.

Tom Goodwyn


Record label: Epitaph
Release date: 21 Jul, 2014