Flamingods – ‘Hyperborea’

Flamingods - 'Hyperborea'


World music and African rhythms inform the oddballs' latest

It makes sense that the Shape label, run by Islet’s Mark Thomas, should release Flamingods’ second album, as the Cardiff oddballs are about the closest stylistic reference point to its contorting songs. But whereas Islet deal in haphazard indie, Flamingods are indebted to African rhythms and soundscapes cribbed from across the world music remit. ‘Garden Of Indra’ pits oriental chimes against warped lyrics about “going back to school”, while ‘Market Dancer’ is all tribal drums and Animal Collective melodic touches. The title track, meanwhile, sets up the mythical island of Hyperborea as the kind of place that would fill George Harrison’s most psychedelic fantasies. It’s certainly worth a visit.

Lisa Wright


Record label: Shape Records
Release date: 21 Jul, 2014