The Moons – ‘Mindwaves’

The Moons - 'Mindwaves'


Temples frontman's former band combine psych and mod to disastrous effect

Before daubing his face with glitter and shining centre-stage in Temples, James Bagshaw used to play in Northampton band The Moons. Like Temples, they rely on ’60s psych flourishes, but that’s where the similarities end. The Moons also chuck elements of mod into the mix – unsurprising given that two of their number feature in Paul Weller’s live line-up. Unfortunately for frontman Andy Crofts and his band, the two don’t sit well together. ‘Body Snatchers’ is T Rex with their sparkle rubbed out and replaced with laddish posturing. Six-minute long closer ‘On The Moon’ clearly has designs on being an epic, but Croft’s croon and jaunty brass are more cheesy than grand. Looks like Bagshaw made the right choice.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Schnitzel Records
Release date: 21 Jul, 2014