White Fence – ‘For the Recently Found Innocent’


Fifth album ‘For The Recently Found Innocent’ finds White Fence on safer territory

White Fence’s Tim Presley is a brave man. As guitarist in LA psych rockers Darker My Love, he’s stripped naked in //NME// and played in Britain’s most volatile group, The Fall. Fifth album ‘For The Recently Found Innocent’ finds him on safer territory, renewing his collaboration with Ty Segall. Soaked in the pair’s love of acidic garage, White Fence dally with ‘White Album’-era Beatles riffs (‘Wolf Gets Red Faced’), flower power harmonies (‘Actor’) and boozy piano funk (‘Raven On White Cadillac’). Most of the scattershot pastiches hit their targets and we can only salute Presley’s variable attempts at an English accent on ‘Sandra (When The Earth Dies)’ and ‘Arrow Man’ – or, as he pronounces it, “//Errow man//” – the scamp.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: Drag City
Release date: 21 Jul, 2014