Empty Pools – ‘Liberation Prayers EP’

Empty Pools - 'Liberation Prayers EP'


The Bristol band are at an awkward impasse having lost a member, but continue to impress with new EP

It turns out Empty Pools’ new EP is aptly named. It comes with news that singer Leah Pritchard “no longer wishes to do the band”. Explanations end there, but the Bristol group will continue without her. ‘Liberation Prayers’ deploys the same sounds they honed on their excellent debut ‘Saturn Reruns’, with Pritchard’s steely vocals binding together the skittering drums and spiky guitars. The upbeat ‘Pacey Grey’ is all summery staccato peppered with expletives. Over a delicate bassline, ‘Shirtless’ amusingly berates the British male’s propensity for summertime shirt removal. In fact it’s Pritchard’s forceful barbs (“There’s nothing in your muscle memory/Not the prodigy we thought you’d be” on ‘Into Static’) that appeal most, making it hard to imagine Empty Pools beyond her departure.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Enclaves
Release date: 28 Jul, 2014