Cats On Trees – ‘Cats On Trees’

Cats On Trees - 'Cats On Trees'


Sweet melodies eventually become too much of a sugar rush

Like a sleepier alternative to Niki & The Dove, Euro-pop duo Cats On Trees deliver dreamy chansons to match their whimsical name. Pianist/vocalist Nina Goern and beats man Yohan Hennequin provoked an outpouring of affection (and single-buying) in their native France last year when insatiable lead track ‘Sirens Call’ went top three. That success has earned them and their self-titled debut LP a crack at the UK. It’s a pillow-soft album of lushly arranged ballads, as well as the odd plinky-plonky showtune that revels in kitsch (‘Too Much’). The sugary melodies and production are enjoyable, but by the end of closer ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ you might want to brush your teeth.

Jeremy Allen


Record label: Columbia
Release date: 30 Jun, 2014