Bear In Heaven – ‘Time Is Over One Day Old’

Bear In Heaven - 'Time Is Over One Day Old'


Brooklynites strip things back on their fourth effort

Brooklyn trio Bear In Heaven’s fourth album sees them strip back their once busy electropop, exposing a soulful, synthetic heart. Though the constituent parts of the BIH sound haven’t changed drastically, the songwriting is tighter here, the arrangements more focused, than on 2012’s ‘I Love You, It’s Cool’. “It’s not easy falling apart”, coos Jon Philpot on ‘Memory Heart’, setting the sombre mood. The sparser, more reflective moments are the record’s most successful, with ‘They Dream’ and gorgeous closer ‘You Don’t Need The World’ both highlights. They’re still capable of cutting loose. ‘Demon’ throbs menacingly, with the synths set close to ‘trance’, while ‘If I Were To Lie’ sounds like the best song !!! never wrote.

Rob Webb


Record label: Dead Oceans
Release date: 04 Aug, 2014