Naomi Punk – ‘Television Man’

Naomi Punk - 'Television Man'


Volatile, discordant brilliance from Washington noise trio

‘Television Man’ is Olympia, Washington noise trio Naomi Punk’s second album for New York indie Captured Tracks. That its second track is called ‘Song Factory’ is crazy – this is a band who don’t write songs, not really. Instead, the album is split into 10 blasts of discordant brilliance. ‘Firehose Face’ and the volatile title track could be leftovers from debut ‘The Feeling’, but that’s not laziness. Naomi Punk wrench their riffs apart and rebuild them, twisting the tone and tempo. Even the lighter moments (‘Plastic World No. 6’, ‘Whirlpool Of Anguish’) drill into the skull. Eight minutes of sledge-hammer cymbals and reverb called ‘Rodeo Trash Pit’ close a record that could scrape your eardrums out.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Captured Tracks
Release date: 04 Aug, 2014