Joel Gion – ‘Apple Bonkers’

Joel Gion - 'Apple Bonkers'


Brian Jonestown Massacre's tambourine player can't quite match the levels of his day job

Joel Gion, tambourine player of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, claims that his debut LP arose from a period of self-discovery, but ‘Apple Bonkers’ yields few surprises. Gion tries to conjure the sound of the mid-’90s West Coast psych scene his band led, enlisting some of its other faces to help. Ex-BJM member Miranda Lee Richards’ chilling harmony on ‘Change My Mind’ is a high point that recalls their former cohorts The Dandy Warhols. Combining acoustic chords and Jesus And Mary Chain riffing, closer ‘Don’t Let The Fuckers Bring You Down’ is Gion’s best moment. Elsewhere, his Beatles-derived structures fall sadly short of the expansive trip he promised.

James Bentley


Record label: The Reverberation Appreciation Society
Release date: 18 Aug, 2014