Christian Fitness – ‘I Am Scared Of Everything That Isn’t Me’

Christian Fitness - 'I Am Scared Of Everything That Isn't Me'


Future Of The Left man finds output for home-recorded lo-fi work

The fact that Future Of The Left’s Andy Falkous is one of the most underrated guitarists around isn’t due to lack of output. His band have released four albums and five EPs since their 2007 debut ‘Curses’, and now, Christian Fitness arrives as an outlet for his home-recorded work. Lo-fi in process rather than sound, the jackboot-heavy likes of highlight ‘Teeth’ see him toss up the kind of alarm siren riffs most bands would construct lead singles around while screeching, “that’s the hit!”. Elsewhere, the lyrical quirkiness that makes FOTL divisive is wisely toned down – ‘Soft Power Itches’’ repeated refrain of, “I never saw a Diet Coke in the hands of an Action Man” is just about passable.

Jamie Fullerton


Record label: Self-released
Release date: 18 Aug, 2014