Courtship Ritual – ‘Pith’

Courtship Ritual - 'Pith'


Impossible to ignore debut from Godmode label's latest success

Since its formation in 2009, Brooklyn label Godmode has provided an antidote to the area’s increasingly monotonous torrent of chillwave. Following inventive new music from brutal noise-rockers Yvette and disco-house Las Vegas teen Shamir, NYC duo Courtship Ritual (comprising Monica Salazar and Jared Olmsted) are the latest to flourish on the imprint. Debut album ‘Pith’ shows off a knack for restrained but experimental pop. ‘Champagne Cages’ is sparse, jerky and off-kilter, like a spun-out take on Micachu & The Shapes’ ‘Curly Teeth’, and ‘Abuela’ thrums with industrial synths. ‘Wild Like Us’ is more elegant than its title suggests; its diamond sheen and hypnotic poise making it – like ‘Pith’ as a whole – impossible to ignore.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Godmode