Moodoïd – ‘Le Monde Möö’

Moodoïd - 'Le Monde Möö'


Brilliant and mad debut full-length effort from the Melody's Echo Chamber guitarist

Melody’s Echo Chamber guitarist Pablo Padovani – aka Moodoïd – came to wider attention last September when his band of liquid leaf-adorned waifs released their self-titled debut EP. Produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker (also ex-boyfriend of Echo Chamber leader Melody Prochet), it garnered critical attention beyond Padovani’s native France. Deep and textured, ‘Le Monde Möö’ is an immersive next step. The six-minute ‘La Lune’ drifts like a spaceship, but centrepiece ‘Les Oiseaux”s dreamy undulations best define a record that flits from glam rock to swirling psychedelia (‘Yes & You’), and from funk to free jazz (‘Heavy Metal Be Bop 2’). It’s quite brilliant and rather mad.


Record label: Sony Red/Enterprise
Release date: 01 Sep, 2014