Total Control – ‘Typical System’

Total Control - 'Typical System'


A suffocating second from the on-hiatus punks

Total Control’s second album takes hold like a headache. It’s suffocating, lyrically unforgiving and a near-faultless expression of the bleak power of minimal punk. ‘Glass’ whips like helicopter blades, ‘Expensive Dogs’ is unremittingly harsh, the desolate ‘Liberal Party’ references a “shattered sense of worth” and ‘Black Spring’ ends in bloody dissonance. Total Control embody the record’s broken atmosphere personally too. Currently on hiatus, they refuse to tour. Frontman Dan Stewart told Pitchfork the prospect makes him sick, adding that he feels stifled by his traumatic lyrics. Hopefully Total Control can continue because, brutal as it is, ‘Typical System’ is the year’s finest punk album.


Record label: Iron Lung
Release date: 01 Sep, 2014