Broncho – ‘Just Hip Enough To Be A Woman’

Broncho - 'Just Hip Enough To Be A Woman'


The Oklahoma trio breathe new life into traditional rock influences

While Oklahoma trio Broncho (the ‘ch’ is soft) aren’t taking any huge risks on their second record, they are updating their power pop sound a little. ‘Just Hip Enough To Be Woman’ matches the kind of unadulterated racket that sounds like it’s been flung together in a garage surrounded by empty cans of cheap beer with something altogether glossier. While the quartet’s reference points (Weezer, Pavement) are hardly unusual, their sound is fresh and invigorating. Tracks like ‘Deena’, ‘Stop Tricking’ and ‘What’ would have sounded great blasting out at messy afternoon barbecues this summer – it’s a shame the release date just missed it.


Record label: Dine Alone
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014