Arp – ‘Pulsars E Quasars’ EP


A blissed-out continuation in cosmic pop from the New York bedroom composer

Having already released two albums of analogue synth compositions, New York bedroom composer Alexis Georgopoulos turned to cosmic pop on last year’s ‘More’. The Moog returns here, but ‘Suns’ – two minutes of busted TV static – is an inscrutable opener. The title-track’s pattering snares and vintage keyboards are a welcome jolt, but Arp saves his best for ‘UHF1’ – coasting towards oblivion on guitar hooks and barrelling drum rolls. Ex-Godspeed! You Black Empreor guitarist Roger Tellier-Craig’s rework of ‘More’ track ‘Persuasion’ is a strange finale; floundering in a wash of bleeps, it’s a rude awakening from the blissed-out daydreams that came before.


Record label: Mexican Summer
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014