Duologue – ‘Never Get Lost’


The London quintet reach mysterious and uplifting ground after focusing too much on artful construction

London five-piece Duologue take a while to get going on their second album. The first two tracks, ‘Memex’ and ‘Correctress’ – perhaps in thrall to their tongue-twisted titles – spend too long artfully constructing a sound-space and not long enough inhabiting it. But by third track ‘Forests’ they shift the focus to songs first, sounds second, and the record, – co-mixed by Ian Dowling who worked on Jungle’s ‘The Heat’ – starts to take flight. The vocals, smeared across Duologue’s brittle electronic backdrops, hint at themes and stories without ever losing their mysterious cloudiness. The atmosphere fizzes between desolation and melancholy, but the overall effect of the stately ‘All Night Shows’ or the gentle ‘Parts Of Blame’ is uplifting.


Record label: Wild Game
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014