Redinho – ‘Redinho’

Redinho - 'Redinho'


Glasgow-based producer hints at a golden future on his debut LP

Redinho has been kicking around with the Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and the rest of the Glasgow-based Numbers label collective for years. The blend of electro, funk and high-gloss production on the London-based DJ’s first full-length sets him apart, though. Even at its most restrained, ‘Redinho’ is super-produced; full of lush flourishes and layered harmonies. ‘Jacuzzi’ blends talkbox vocals with glistening synths, ‘Sharp Shooter’ sounds like it could have been written by Timbaland for Timberlake, and ‘Going Nowhere’ blends R&B vocals with shimmering electro. It would take just one of these tunes to hit radio playlists – or a call from Kanye – to turn the 19-year-old into one of the most in-demand producers out there.

Hazel Sheffield


Record label: Numbers
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014