Michael A Grammar – ‘Michael A Grammar’

Shoegaze-indebted raucousness from the nomadic newcomers

Despite their debut sounding like shoegazers from the Thames Valley in the early 1990s, Michael A Grammar are actually from Nottingham, via Brighton, and recorded their debut in Manchester. Named after a song by Broadcast and in thrall to Slowdive, the four-piece’s influences are easier to track than their postcodes. ‘Upside Down’ starts gently, but soon becomes swamped in a mighty wash of reverb. The boisterous ‘Light Of A Darkness’ wouldn’t sound out of place of The Verve’s 1993 album ‘A Storm In Heaven’, while ‘Don’t Wake Me’ finishes it in raucous style. The only black spot is ‘Suzanna”s funk, which spoils the flow of an otherwise excellent record.


Record label: Melodic
Release date: 29 Sep, 2014