Electric Wizard – ‘Time To Die’

Electric Wizard - 'Time To Die'


The doom metal group return in a blast of chaos and angst

The bloody noise of Electric Wizard is unrelentingly black. Not to be outdone by US stoner-rock peers Sleep and Earth, who have records out this year, the Dorset satanists have spat out this eighth album. Doom metal needs chaos and angst, so news of acrimonious splits is welcome, if not for former label Rise Above and original drummer Mark Greening (recalled to play on ‘Time To Die’ and booted out again). ‘Incense For The Damned’ opens tranquil before Jus Oborn’s rancid howls gush like a leaky petrochemical plant. Released on a bigger label, the urge to cross over into the mainstream is audible but ‘SadioWitch’ and the title track are no less fucked up for it.

Edgar Smith


Record label: Witchfinder/Spinefarm
Release date: 29 Sep, 2014