Sivu – Something On High

Sivu - Something On High


Self-loathing and repentant lyrics from the former bailiff

Ex-bailiff James Page began spinning escapist pop melodramas as an antidote to a life split between his tiny flat in a grim south London tower block and various dead-end jobs. As a result, the 24-year-old’s debut album as Sivu isn’t the cheeriest fare. ‘Bodies’ is a deft slow-burner, and ‘Communicate’’s gentle brass shows a cultivated lightness of touch, but Page’s wearily repentant lyrics tend to drag – except on gritty highlight ‘Sleep’. “I’m a cruel cold-hearted waste of space, now let me sleep so I can slip away,” he mewls, while crunchy Britpop guitars snap like rubber bands. He ought to save the apologies and descend into full-on self-loathing mode more often.


Record label: Atlantic
Release date: 06 Oct, 2014