The Bots – ‘Pink Palms’

The Bots - 'Pink Palms'


Punk promise delivered on siblings' debut proper

The once atypical guitar/drums formation popularised by The White Stripes might now be commonplace, but The Bots are out to invigorate the format on their first album proper. Opener ‘Ubiquitous’ draws heavily on the LA duo’s grungily incendiary live shows, while there’s plenty of nuance elsewhere. ‘All I Really Want’, with its spoken-word verses and coruscating punk rhythm, is a modern hymn to inertia and infatuation; ‘All of Them (Wide Awake)’ is warm and fuzzy, recalling The Lemonheads at their most approachable. With their ages combined still a year younger than Jack White, the future of telepathic siblings Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei promises much excitement. Their first record is good; their next could be mega.


Record label: Fader
Release date: 13 Oct, 2014