Last Ex – ‘Last Ex’

Last Ex - 'Last Ex'


Horror movie soundtrack experiments from Timber Timbre members

Last Ex make instrumental music with a cinematic feel. Their songs, full of driving, motorik beats and textured, reverb-heavy guitar, weave dark, discomfiting atmospheres, and this debut album could have been released on horror movie soundtrack label, Death Waltz Recording Company. They’re a Canadian duo comprised of two members of excellent rock/pop/folk group Timber Timbre and the music, in fact, originates in a score for a horror film that Timber Timbre were working on but then abandoned. It’s an enjoybaly rich and off-kilter record that makes clever use of sound collage of tape manipulation (‘Girl Seizure’), strings (‘It’s Not Chris’) and drum sounds (‘Hotel Blues Returns’). One for all you David Lynch fans out there.

Phil Hebblethwaite


Record label: Constellation
Release date: 13 Oct, 2014