Schultz And Forever – ‘Broadcast Dynamics’ EP

Schultz And Forever - 'Broadcast Dynamics' EP


Bandwagon-avoiding psych from the Copenhagen teen

Jonathan Schultz stands out from the majority of 2014’s psych-rock bandwagon. The Copenhagen teenager provides a refreshing and ramshackle alternative to the likes of Temples. Marrying languid and warped melodies with a palpable sense of romanticism, he’s more aligned with Connan Mockasin. On this EP, ‘Silvia’, a woozy guitar carousel, and the spacey ‘P.O.V’ are golden, but midpoint ‘Make Up Your Mind’ is an exercise in psych babble that doesn’t quite pay off. ‘At Times’, though, hints that Schultz has variety up his sleeve, going through the gears and zooming thrillingly close to garage rock territory. Whatever his next move, he seems certain to do more than merely follow the zeitgeist.


Record label: Cracki
Release date: 13 Oct, 2014