Peter Broderick – ‘(Colours Of The Night) Satellite’ EP

Peter Broderick - '(Colours Of The Night) Satellite' EP


Portland musician mixes things up on this EP but the results leave much to be desired

Because of a debilitating illness, this is Peter Broderick’s first proper release for two years. Even so, at 27, the Portland musician has made a stream of records ranging from piano compositions (‘Dive’) to meditative, multi-instrumental folk (‘Home’). Ahead of a new album next year, this EP ventures further towards folk. The title track, a live staple, is a shuffling acoustic pop song about death and God and can be filed somewhere near Ben Howard’s earnest output. ‘Take Me Back’ is a minimal ballad as wispy as campfire smoke, while ‘Love Will Define You’ is an a capella musing. The last song is a bizarre “mouth trumpet version” of a track called ‘More And More’. While the overall effect is pretty, it’s also pretty average.

Hazel Sheffield


Record label: Bella Union
Release date: 13 Oct, 2014