Tweedy – ‘Sukierae’

Tweedy – 'Sukierae'


Wilco's Jeff Tweedy collaborates with his drummer son on emotional 20-track LP

Faced with major upheaval, you naturally reach for the things that defined better times. For Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, whose wife is battling cancer, that meant collaborating with his drummer son Spencer and making a 20-track album to tackle his churning emotions. ‘Sukierae’ tracks the journey from shocked confusion (the craggy guitar of ‘Please Don’t Let Me Be So Understood’) through denial (‘Nobody Dies Anymore’) to despondency (“All my love is gone”, he husks on ‘Where My Love’), while closer ‘I’ll Never Know’ is all ghosts and ash. Yet there are sparks of new wave brightness and Beatles lustre, ensuring an album about uncertainty and dejection remains beautiful throughout.


Record label: dBpm
Release date: 20 Oct, 2014