New Build – ‘Pour It On’

New Build - 'Pour It On'


Hot Chip members can't match their day job's outside appeal on arduous new record

This second album from electropop trio New Build lacks pep. Hot Chip’s Al Doyle and Felix Martin and their pal Tom Hopkins have followed their 2012 debut ‘Yesterday Was Lived And Lost’ with a somewhat arduous record. ‘Look in Vain’ is competent club music, ‘Weightless’ is dark and funky, and ‘Different Kind’ pounds along, but the rest is forgettable. Particularly hard going are ‘Luminous Freedom’, gloomy Robert Miles rip off ‘White Sea’ and ‘Pour it On’, a bloated closer with the questionable lyrics: “Here they come/Beats and broken drum/Pass me by/They will sleep”. Overall, it misses Hot Chip’s outsider appeal completely, coming off as whingey and middle aged. Don’t bother.

Huw Nesbitt


Record label: Sunday Best
Release date: 20 Oct, 2014