Ought – ‘Once More With Feeling’

Ought - 'Once More With Feeling'


The Montreal band's latest EP delivers humour, eccentricity and reckless punk clatter

If Parquet Courts’ breakthrough ‘Light Up Gold’ thrilled on account of its short, sharp bursts of punk spirit, then Montreal quartet Ought’s new EP is its equal but opposite flipside. A similar reckless clatter presides on much of ‘Once More With Feeling…’, but in place of 120-second rushes, there are sprawling, seven-minute epics and instead of obtuseness there’s humour. Ought’s other touchstones are art-punk’s outsiders. ‘Waiting’’s frenetically garbled vocals and slow build choruses recall New Jersey rabble Titus Andronicus, while the disjointed, jarring instrumental that forms the bulk of ‘New Calm Pt 3’ conjure disbanded Calgary quartet Women.

Best is ‘New Calm Pt 2’, whose wry lyrical one-liners and deadpan delivery (“Put your hands in the air/That’s the generally accepted sign for not having a care“) enables the unlikely comparison between frontman Tim Beeler and Art Brut’s eccentric-in-chief Eddie Argos. This follow-up to April’s excellent ‘More Than Any Other Day’ debut is a scattergun 24-minute journey, and its every destination is a delight.


Director: Radwan Ghazi
Record label: Constellation
Release date: 28 Oct, 2014