Dirty Beaches – ‘Stateless’

Dirty Beaches - 'Stateless'


Alex Zhang Hungtai's last album as Dirty Beaches is an off-puttingly unsettling farewell

Alex Zhang Hungtai’s last release as Dirty Beaches, 2013’s double album ‘Drifters/Love Is The Devil’ was discordant, rambling and unstructured. The 34-year-old’s music is the product of a somewhat rootless life. Born in Taiwan, he was raised in Montreal and has recently been drifting around Europe. ‘Stateless’, its artwork featuring a glistening cityscape, comprises four instrumentals mixed by David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley. ‘Displaced’ offers a jittery appetiser before the title-track – an 11-minute surge of piercing strings, brass and synthesiser. ‘Pacific Ocean’ is warmer but ‘Time Washes Away Everything’ creates an indelible bleak atmosphere for 15 minutes. ‘Stateless’ is impeccably executed, but also unsettling to the point of off-putting.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Zoo Music
Release date: 03 Nov, 2014