Bass Drum Of Death – ‘Rip This’

Bass Drum Of Death - 'Rip This'


Mississipi garage-rocker John Barratt returns with a stumbling but energetic third

John Barrett’s third full-length as Bass Drum Of Death is a garage-rock juggernaut bursting with fuzzed-out riffs. The power chord swagger of ‘Electric’ and the pace of ‘Everything’s The Same’ are emblematic of much of the album, positioning the Mississippi native in a rowdy middle ground between Ty Segall’s psych-punk and Fu Manchu’s stoner rock. When the energy runs out, though, the record stumbles – two-minute acoustic number ‘Better Days’ feels like an afterthought, while ‘Route 69 (Yeah)’ is an unengaging closer that lacks the vigour of its obvious Stooges influence. Ultimately, though, ‘Rip This’ prevails through bloody-minded ear battering.

James Bentley


Record label: Innovative Leisure
Release date: 03 Nov, 2014