Together Pangea – ‘Badillac’

Together Pangea - 'Badillac'


An impressive display of variety on the LA trio's debut

Everything about Together Pangea screams ‘just another bunch of plaid-shirted fuck-ups’. It’s there in the stoner song titles (‘Sick Shit’, ‘Cat Man’) and the dead-eyed lyrical anger: “I’m so tired of being tired/I just spend to get spent”, goes ‘Why’; ‘Depress’ just yells its title over and over again. But the Los Angeles trio’s debut album has more variety in its 11 tracks than their thrashy garage peers like Wavves can muster. The hyperactive bounce of ‘River’ nods to fellow West Coast slackers Fidlar, but ‘Alive’, with its Sabbath-like ferocity, shows off their heavy side and the title track is – surprisingly – an acoustic lilt. Together Pangea may well be snotty punks at heart, but they’ve got an impressive range of ways to show it.


Record label: Harvest/Island
Release date: 03 Nov, 2014