Les Sins – ‘Michael’

Les Sins - 'Michael'


Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick explores the many facets of dance music on his side project debut

Since the release of his last Toro Y Moi album, 2013’s ‘Anything In Return’, Chaz Bundick has been cooped up in his home studio working on a side project. Inspired by the mechanics of dance music and cartoon and film soundtracks, the 27-year-old Californian’s debut as Les Sins has a different pulse to the bleep-filled bliss of his main outlet. ‘Michael’’s 11 tracks pack grooves galore: from the ominous ‘Toy’ and the funky Daft Punkisms of ‘Bother’ and ‘Bellow’, to the trance ecstasy of ‘Call’ and the laid-back hooks of ‘Sticky’. ‘Why’, on the other hand, sounds like a danced-up mix of Peter Gabriel and early Michael Jackson. It all adds up to a cerebral and entertaining tribute to the many and varied incarnations of dance.


Record label: Company
Release date: 10 Nov, 2014