Shy Nature – ‘Birthday Club’ EP

Shy Nature - 'Birthday Club' EP


A wilfully odd and off-kilter effort from the London quartet

Just Off Pop, the name of London quartet Shy Nature’s record label, serves as an accurate description of their latest EP. Each of its four songs twist pop structures into intriguing directions. The title track rides an upbeat melody, but Shy Nature inject a deliberate sense of unease with off-kilter instrumentals, while for all the effusive fizz of ‘She Comes She Goes’, an overriding sense of discomfort prevails. That’s mainly down to William Blackaby’s vocals, which manage to convey emotion by sounding largely devoid of it. That’s nowhere more evident than on ‘Tonight Is On Your Side’, which closes the EP with a final burst of melancholy that would be beautiful were it not so willfully odd.


Record label: Just Off Pop
Release date: 17 Nov, 2014