Febueder – ‘Lilac Lane’ EP

Febueder - 'Lilac Lane' EP


Experimental and engaging debut EP from the Berkshire trio

Berkshire trio Febueder have described themselves as “limited” by their core of drums, bass and guitar. However, there’s no restraint evident on this debut EP for Manchester label Melodic, however, its five tracks marked by leftfield creativity and chameleonic transformations. Choppy instrumental ‘Remix’ transitions seamlessly into ‘Brazillia’, a twisted jam that jerks between gentle brass samples and swampy guitar grooves. Elsewhere, rumbling drums, clicking percussion and gurgling bass trade off with Spanish guitars on ‘Owing’, as singer Kieran Godfrey’s vocal creates a hypnotic focal point. Freely experimental and showing flagrant disregard for orthodox song structure, ‘Lilac Lane’ is an engaging and intelligent record that impresses more and more with each listen.

James Bentley


Record label: Melodic
Release date: 17 Nov, 2014