iamamiwhoami – ‘Blue’

iamamiwhoami - 'Blue'


Jonna Lee's third album makes an impact with spiritual vocals and sensitivity

‘Blue’, the third full length from Jonna Lee’s electronic iamamiwhoami project, is an ‘audiovisual album’, the songs accompanied by short films on YouTube, where the singer has gained 30 million hits. But ‘Blue’’s 10 tracks don’t need artsy promos to make an emotional impact. Like Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan before her, the Stockholm-based Lee – who uploaded her first video late in 2009 – has a knack of making synths, drum pads and breathy vocals sound spiritual. ‘Fountain’ is packed with wriggling rhythms while ‘Vista’ shares heart and zest for experimentalism with The Knife. At times – like with the clanging keyboards of ‘Chasing Kites’ – it feels like Lee has overdosed on the Drive soundtrack. Ultimately though, sensitivity outweighs ’80s cliché.


Record label: To Whom It May Concern
Release date: 17 Nov, 2014