Ekkah – ‘Last Chance To Dance’

Ekkah - 'Last Chance To Dance'


A vibrant, Madonna-esque start from the Birmingham newcomers

The debut EP from Birmingham newcomers Ekkah – comprising and named after two mates called Rebecca and Rebekah – is packed with sleek rhythms and smooth R&B grooves. In London, all-girl trio Juce are doing a similar thing, but Ekkah’s songs are dusky rather than sassy. There are pop hooks lurking beneath the breathy vocals and dancing bass on ‘Last Chance To Dance’, while the industrial percussion and murky production of ‘Holiday Blues’ evoke comparison with Madonna’s ‘Holiday’. Clocking in at under 12 minutes, this four-track sample of the duo’s sedated style is all too brief, but it captures the attention. Ekkah should have ample opportunity to build on a vibrant start.

James Bentley


Record label: Year One
Release date: 24 Nov, 2014