Yung Lean – ‘Unknown Memory’


The Swedish rapper makes a stab at being serious with some impressive, grandstanding results

Is teenage Swedish rapper Yung Lean taking the piss? It’s never really been clear, with his morose shtick and pastiches of experimental rappers like Lil B sometimes sounding like parodies. Here though, on his debut LP, the 18-year-old is ready to be taken seriously. Over these 13 tracks, produced by Clams Casino-indebted duo Yung Gud and Yung Sherman, he’s making spacey, tripped-out hip-hop that goes some way to matching his influences. Lonely boy anthem and lead single ‘Yoshi City’ is an early standout, and the TNGHT-influenced ‘Monster’ sees him at his most grandstanding and hints at a more serious future. Swedish pop has been an institution since Abba – now they’re coming for hip-hop too.


Record label: Sad Boys
Release date: 08 Dec, 2014