Nazoranai – ‘The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Already…?’


Sunn O)))'s Stephen Malley teams up with musicians from Japan and Australia to make a creepy and intense hour of improvised excellence

As Sunn 0)))’s uncompromising aesthetic takes another step towards wider exposure, thanks to the Seattle drone band’s recent 4AD team-up with Scott Walker, here’s a side project which almost certainly won’t enjoy similar reach. It’s great, regardless. Over four long tracks of formless free-jazz-meets-rock destruction, Stephen O’Malley – the Sunn 0))) reprasentative here – arguably stamps his sonic identity less than Nazoranai’s other members, Japanese noise icon Keiji Haino and Australian ambient master Oren Ambarchi. Some parts are exceptionally sparse and creepy (‘Will Not Follow Your Hoax Called History’ – all the titles are like this); others, frazzled and intense, sound like The Jimi Hendrix Experience playing as the Titanic sank (‘Who Is Making The Time Rot’). An hour of intuitive improvised excellence.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Editions Mego
Release date: 08 Dec, 2014