The Drink – ‘Company’


A sharp and concise but intricately layered listen from the fuzz-pop trio

With their debut album, London-based trio The Drink take established indie-rock templates and twist them on their heads. Opener ‘Microsleep’ scuttles spider-like from the sort of dark, twitchy guitar loop that Mogwai might use into a breezy Sebadoh-style fuzz-pop chorus. Immediately afterwards, ‘Bantamweight’ chugs and chimes like Sleater-Kinney if they were a folk band, as singer Dearbhla Minogue builds a bridge between The Drink and her other, noisier DIY band The Wharves. The occasional flashes of African rhythms (‘Playground’) and math-pop (‘Desert’) add further variety to the band’s spindly style. But rather than making for a disjointed listen, these flourishes fit neatly into a record that’s as sharp and concise at it is intricately layered. 

Robert Cooke


Record label: Melodic
Release date: 08 Dec, 2014