Clarence Clarity – ‘Who Am Eye’ EP

Clarence Clarity - 'Who Am Eye' EP


The formerly masked producer reveals his identity with a messy debut EP

Last year, masked producer Clarence Clarity was merely an enigmatic presence on music blogs. Now the London producer has revealed his face and delivered this, his debut EP. Lead track ‘Those Who Can’t, Cheat’ is a surge of hyperactive, catchy future-funk with convulsive electronic breaks and Prince imitations. ‘Golden Gate’ and ‘Off My Grid’ are equally fidgety, skipping past in a flurry of unstructured and obnoxious sound effects, neither making any decisive point. ‘Exaltations’ – twisted R&B full of distorted flute and a strong vocal – briefly realises Clarence’s Flying Lotus-meets-Kindness dream a bit better. But that one track can’t atone for a record that, on the whole, is a bit of a mess.

James Bentley


Record label: Bella Union
Release date: 08 Dec, 2014