Tetema – ‘Geocidal’

Tetema - 'Geocidal'


Faith No More's Mike Patton makes something worthy of soundtracking the end of the world

Faith No More Mike singer Mike Patton’s latest side project is a collaboration with Australian composer Anthony Pateras, who scored psychological thriller Errors Of The Human Body in 2012. Recorded in sessions at a French convent and a San Francisco studio and featuring analogue electronics alongside strings, brass and woodwind, ‘Geocidal’ is monolithic. ‘Pure War’ is like UK drum’n’bass kingpin Roni Size getting spiked with GHB and fed through a woodchipper, while ‘Tenz’ surges and crashes like a malfunctioning machine, Patton’s chants, screams and whispers dragging it to its conclusion. ‘3-2-1 Civilisation’ is most impressive, a cacophony that would make an appropriate soundtrack to the end of the world.

Edgar Smith


Record label: Ipecac
Release date: 15 Dec, 2014