Bosco Rogers – ‘Googoo’ EP

Bosco Rogers - 'Googoo' EP


Familiar garage-rock buzz from the Brighton duo

Brighton duo Bosco Rogers have evidently drawn from a solid base of garage influences to create the fuzzed-out sound of this debut EP. ‘Googoo’ is an upbeat reflection of the garage-rock revival that bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club helped define in the early 2000s – and, fuelled by a driving snare and a buzzing bass riff, it’s a riveting opener. Lead single ‘The Middle’ stands out for its whistling hooks and wild flower-punk guitar licks, recalling both the looseness of The Dandy Warhols and the lush 1960s instrumentation that Temples have recently updated. But therein lies this EP’s major drawback: although competently executed, it sounds way too much like something we’ve heard before.

James Bentley


Record label: Bleepmachine
Release date: 15 Dec, 2014