Kid Astray – ‘Back To The Ordinary’ EP

Kid Astray - 'Back To The Ordinary' EP


Norwegian sextet's bland music can't match up to their interesting personal endeavours

In lead vocalist/pianist Benjamin Giørtz and singer/synth player Elizabeth Wu, Norwegian pop band Kid Astray count a junior golf champion and a prodigious young pianist among their number. But the sextet’s music isn’t nearly as interesting as their starry childhoods. The title track wears its Foster The People influences with enthusiasm that’s impressive at first but quickly becomes grating. ‘No Easy Way Out’ aims for buoyant and sparkling but ends up as a synthpop bore that would easily fit in to the blander end of daytime radio. Closer ‘Taking You With Me’, meanwhile, sets empty emoting (“Meet me in the night/Give up the things that bind you”) to overly loud zapping laser effects.


Record label: Cosmos
Release date: 15 Dec, 2014