Lxury – ‘Into The Everywhere’

Lxury - 'Into The Everywhere'


The Croydon producer's tropical beats and jungle loops offer a cerebral retelling of dance history

As Lxury, Croydon producer Andy Smith is injecting the UK dance scene with a certain restless energy. The 24-year-old’s burgeoning reputation comes Disclosure-approved – they collaborated on his euphoric 2013 single ‘J.A.W.S’ – but Lxury’s beats are more experimental than the Redhill duo’s. On this second EP, he explores old school jungle and drum’n’bass, most notably on opener ‘Pick You Up’, on which an echoing soul vocal and pulsating tropical beats recall Manchester bass man Lone. The rest of the record is just as energetic. ‘Neighbour’ begins as a grimy piano house ballad before building to a glorious peak, and you can practically smell the sweat and dry ice on floorfiller ‘Everywhere’, which spins drums and clipped vocal samples together impressively. The hook-heavy ‘Square 1’ features wispy vocals from fellow south Londoner Deptford Goth, marking Lxury’s first collaboration with a singer. It’s the poppiest moment here but, like the rest of ‘Into The Everywhere’, demonstrates Lxury’s vibrant, intelligent interpretation of dance history.


Director: Lxury
Record label: Greco-Roman
Release date: 16 Feb, 2015