Mikal Cronin – ‘MCIII’

Mikal Cronin - 'MCIII'


Ty Segall's former bass-player hints at a mad rock opera on a stirring third album

After touring as Ty Segall’s sometime bassist, slacker-indie gent Mikal Cronin shot to attention with fantastic melodic alt-pop second album ‘MCII’ in 2013. His third record is gentler – horns, elegant pianos and strings circle charging chariots like ‘Turn Around’, ‘Feel Like’ and ‘Say’, and the 29-year-old’s dense grunge guitar now sounds rather less like a tanker speeding unstable nuclear waste towards the coast. Instead, there’s a certain Springsteen-like Americana to tracks like ‘Made My Mind Up’ and, elsewhere, Cronin’s knack for languid songwriting is enhanced by adding more opulence, particularly on the lovely, emotionally stirring ‘I’ve Been Loved’, on which he sings “I’ve been lucky enough to find love of a different kind”. The record’s second half is arranged as a numbered suite shifting from ornate and classical storm-builder ‘i) Alone’ to orchestral dreamscape ‘v) Different’. There’s clearly a mad rock opera nutter simmering here, and on this form, we await his grand opus on tenterhooks.


Director: Eric Bauer
Record label: Merge
Release date: 04 May, 2015