Nozinja – ‘Nozinja Lodge’

Nozinja - 'Nozinja Lodge'


The new Warp signing mixes Afropop and Shangaan electro with New Order and DJ Rashad

New Warp signing Nozinja (real name Richard Mthethwa) is a pioneer of Shangaan electro, a South African musical style that originated in his home province of Limpopo and is influenced by Kwaito house and the Africa-meets-Latin throb of Tsonga disco. The 44-year-old’s seventh album balances Afropop vocals with bewildering rhythmic structures and the kind of cheap keyboard sounds you probably experimented with as a toddler. ‘Nozinja Lodge’ swings between the naggingly familiar and the utterly alien: ‘Baby Do U Feel Me’ marries a dusty soul sample to lolling Latin chords and a super-fast beat, like an African take on the footwork of Chicago’s DJ Rashad. The gorgeous ‘Xihukwani’ pits New Order chords against juddering drums. In the wrong hands, this mixture could be confusing, but Nozinja irons out potential tensions with sweet pop melodies guttural funk. A beguiling, uplifting listen.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Warp
Release date: 01 Jun, 2015