Algiers – ‘Algiers’

Algiers - 'Algiers'


Transatlantic trio make a noisy barrage with no wave, rap and free jazz influences

The debut album by Algiers, who formed in Atlanta and currently reside in London and New York, exemplifies the difference between ‘influenced by’ and ‘sounds like’. The trio’s lionising of free jazz (Peter Brötzmann), no wave (DNA) and rap (Public Enemy) prepares you for a noisy barrage. In fact, ‘Algiers’ is often akin to a more abrasive UNKLE album: full of lung-busting gospel vocals, drum machines and scrawly goth guitar. ‘Irony. Utility. Pretext’ toys with camp industrial techno, and the gaunt menace of Suicide lurks throughout, but generally this is fairly accessible stuff. And that’s no bad thing, as Franklin James Fisher’s politically insurgent lyrics deserve to be heard.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Matador