Leon Bridges – ‘Coming Home

Leon Bridges - 'Coming Home


Texan soul man cooks up a retro-R&B classic with two members of White Denim

‘Coming Home’ exists in a satin-swathed timewarp that takes you back 55 years. Texan singer Leon Bridges’ debt to the warmth of soul pioneer Sam Cooke is evident in every tune on a debut album where even the stylish artwork acts as an unreconstructed envoy to a 1960 dependent on daiquiris and dinner dances. Produced by White Denim members Josh Block and Austin Jenkins – Jenkins met former busboy Bridges in a Fort Worth dive bar last year and the pair bonded over vintage jeans – the album boasts a host of local session stars. The vibrant ‘Shine’ is filled with languid horns and sweet doo-wop backing vocals. Rolling ragtime piano (‘Flowers’) and hip-shaking melody (‘Better Man’) pick up the pace and there’s bluesy sass in the shape of the upbeat ‘Twistin And Groovin’. But it’s the contemplative ‘River’ that assures the 25-year-old Bridges’ future, stripping everything back to stunning effect and letting his heartfelt vocals take centre stage.


Director: Austin Jenkins, Josh Block
Record label: Columbia
Release date: 22 Jun, 2015