Teenage Time Killers – ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1’

Teenage Time Killers - 'Greatest Hits Vol. 1'


American rock supergroup featuring Dave Grohl and Corey Taylor kick up a hatestorm on their debut

The Avengers Assemble of US hardcore supergroups, Teenage Time Killers are a 29-strong collective of gnarly goblin types ranging from the famous-in-their-local-gothpit (members of Blatant Disarray, Eyehategod, Sacred Reich, etc) to major scene icons (Nick Oliveri, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra) to Dave

Grohl-level superstars (Dave Grohl). Needless to say, this is 45 minutes of Satanism, anti-capitalism, rebel protest, warfare and gore in which every form of sludge/speed/death/pop/goth/punk/armadillo metal is flung onto an increasingly gooey and formless pile, like a torture chamber’s heap of discarded body parts.

Consider it a Download megamix. Here’s two minutes of gargling evisceration metal from Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe (Hung Out To Dry), now two minutes of experimental speed thrash from Blast’s Clifford Dinsmore (Power Outage), now two minutes of chanty Green Day surf punk courtesy of Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba (Barrio) and so on. “I called the devil and he caaaaame!” yowls Tairrie B Murphy on ‘Clawhoof’, repping for the sacrifice-your-firstborn-to-almighty-Baal massive, while Lee Ving of Fear and the Foos’ Pat Smear dissect the desperation of modern greed in ‘Big Money’ and, elsewhere there is much gargling and grunting over racism (‘Son Of An Immigrant’), assholes (‘Ignorant People’, ‘Egobomb’) and, presumably, unusual masturbation techniques (‘The Dead Hand’).

Spotting Grohl amongst the 20-track melee is a metal Where’s Wally (he plays bass on twelve songs, presumably the twelve most kick-ass ones), but Biafra stands out for his gibbering, babbling version of John Cleese’s poem ‘Ode To Hannity’. TTK plan to tour as a revolving rock sleb revue show, each singer taking turns to perform, which may well rejuvenate the live metal concept of four longhairs violently headbutting their invisible dads. But, on record, best just brace yourself and bask in the hatestorm.


Director: John Lousteau
Record label: Rise Records
Release date: 31 Jul, 2015