Various Artists: What The Folk, Butterfly Acoustic Recordings Vol 1


Folking fantastic compilation

You’d think Simon Tong would be too busy making albums about London with Damon Albarn. But together with producer Martin Glover, he’s fathered the most innovative folk label in recent years. Now comes this, a mouthwatering showcase of what is to come. Opener ‘Crawled Out Loose’ by Duke Garwood & Paul May is a ballsy slab of experimental blues showing the album’s grittier side. At the other end of the scale is Samantha Marais’ stunning ‘Ordinary Man’ – a sultry mix of ramshackle alt.acoustics and ethereal vocals. Gathering artists from all corners of the country and combining everything from electronica to psychedelia, ‘What The Folk’ straddles genres effortlessly while maintaining a sense of community.

Rebecca Robinson