Various Artists: Attic Jam


The Kooks are on the telly again

In The Attic is the brainchild of Rachel Fuller – missus of The Who’s Pete Townshend, solo artist and creator of this online show (think Jools Holland without the honky-tonk piano and forced bonhomie). Although purporting to bring together the highlights of the show, like the recent ‘Live Lounge’ collection, there’s very little here that truly surprises or invigorates. So while Editors do an excellent version of ‘All Sparks’, The Fratellis phone in a workman-like ‘Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy’, The Raconteurs rush through ‘The Seeker’ (with help from Townshend himself) and there’s huge question marks over the rest. Like, do we really need an acoustic jam of The Kooks’ ‘Ooh La’ and The Magic Numbers’ ‘Long Legs’, both of which sound identical to the album versions? We do not. But it will find an audience – listen out for ‘Attic Jam’ in the background of your local Starbucks soon.

Priya Elan